Why the prices of our hand knitted items are going up.

Why the prices of our hand knitted items are going up.

In each LN Knits collection, we have a mix of items hand knitted with knitting needles and items made on the handknitting machine. The ones made with needles, are what we call our ‘essential’ pieces.

These ‘essentials’ are the pieces where it all started with. Timeless basics made completely by hand from the softest baby alpaca yarn. One Big Bertha Scarf or one Adorable Annie Cardigan is approximately one week of honest knitting work for one woman in Peru. In other words, with these pieces we give back the most.

But did you also know that because these pieces take longer to make, they are also much more expensive for us to produce? Up until now, we tried to keep the final retail price (the price you pay for an essential) as reasonable as possible, without suffering losses. But after ten years we have learned that to keep doing what we do, we have to raise our prices according to influencing factors that are out of our control. We’re talking about yarn prices going up, transportation costs that have reached all-time highs during corona times, a higher demand and so on.

Not to forget, our knits contain 82% baby alpaca, which is a very high percentage of this expensive yarn. We don’t want to compromise on quality, which means our production costs are pretty high.

Taking all these elements into account is the reason why every year the prices of our essentials are going up a bit. And for next year we decided to finally put the correct price on each piece, meaning that the increase will be even bigger than before. If we want to keep LN running as a growing business, we have to make difficult decisions such as these.

But don’t worry, prices aren’t going up again until August. So if you still want to score an LN Knits Essential at its current price, take a look at the new SS21 collection or in the Sales section.

Thanks for your understanding and never ending support.

The LN Knits team

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