LN Muse: Sara Delesie

LN Muse: Sara Delesie

Sara Delesie

Ceramist / mum of Renée and Marcus / Doing life with Andreas / everything that gets energy grows

How are you and what are you doing in life?
“How are you?” is always a questions I can never really respond to with a brief answer. So, I tend to qualify it with: “Today? I’m … or …. !

Today, and in general, I’m doing well, I am a happy person! I’ve been going through a mega transformation for quite some time, not always a joyful one! It feels very heavy and dark sometimes - but it’s nice to know and feel that light can flow in from time to time! And that light comes in more often and tends to stay! It’;s nice to know myself like this, to give myself the space to learn, grow and flourish. It feels good to look at and address traumas and bruises. I have confidence in myself and trust life. I’m living in the moment, day by day.

I am first and foremost a mother of two little ones in full growth and bloom! Besides that, I’m best friend and sweetheart to Andreas. We do life full time together. I am a ceramist and Andreas complements me very nicely in the studio. We move mountains and have a great time together.

How do you start your day?

I would love to be able to write something inspiring here, haha, something calm and peaceful. But alas! We usually wake up way too early with Marcus screaming. *laughs. Marcus (for now) never wakes up quietly. Always full-on from the get go. But then we all go downstairs together, I make myself a coffee and make breakfast for the kids and myself. Andreas always goes to the workshop very early, he is so used to that (he’s an electrician) and enjoys the peace and quiet early in the morning. And then we keep ourselves busy until we have to get ready for school and day care! A bit of coloring/crafting and I really like to have a moment to scroll through Instagram.

Where do you get inspired?
In daily life, mostly in nature and actually just small joys and ordinary day-to-day pleasures! A really well-made coffee, cozy places, good food, nice moments shared. I always like to make something extra special out of that. Listening to the sounds of nature, people-watching in the city, good conversations with random people or friends. Podcasts about life (more spiritual). As well as Instagram - Instagram is really my mood board. I hardly follow anyone I know, I love beautiful images, inspiring texts... So I only follow follow accounts that inspire me. And this list is very diverse: photographers, restaurants, shops, ceramists (of course!) or other creatives.

 What’s one city you’ve always dreamed of traveling to?
I had to think about this one because I always prefer to travel to places that are in nature and silence! I love the city for a weekend. Wandering around, drinking coffee, having a nice lunch and looking for nice shops. BUT, I really want to go to Japan one day. It seems like a fantastically inspiring place! Nothing but beauty. From nature, to the buildings, to well-made coffees, to the well-styled people on the streets.

Where do you unwind?
Definitely in nature, preferably close to mountains and the forest! We also recently moved into our little house in France, in a small village, away from everything, our garden merges into the forest. It is peaceful and quiet here, life goes slower. Such a great feeling. Oh and at night, lying on my prickly acupuncture mat! It's great to be able to end the day like this.


When/where do you wear your LN piece?
I always wear it, everywhere I go! * laughs. I have the sloppy Stevie and I really wear it almost daily. It's so incredibly soft. I just had the photo shoot here too and the jumpers I got to try on I wore directly on my skin, I can’t do that with any other jumper I own. It’s actually kind of addictive. I also have an LN knits blanket here that I lie under in my bare skin every evening to end the day, when lying on my prickly mat, with my headphones and eye pillow on, bliss!

Do you have a life motto?
Everything that is energized grows! It speaks for itself! I think and I stick to that very strongly.

What do you want to do in 10 years?
I never look too far ahead actually, I like being where I am now! Though I do hope to be able to sleep in in a decade. And maybe back with just Andreas next to me in bed - though right now I am thoroughly enjoying sleeping together with the four of us in bed. I also hope to keep growing and thriving, I have complete faith in that. Thoroughly enjoying living in the moment and letting go of control. And being grateful for everything that crosses my path.

 5 quick questions:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
I’m going to choose affirmations here!
- I am light and love
- I am safe in my own body
- I am healthy and energetic

What item of clothing should everyone have?
A good pair of jeans (I've been living in the same boyfriend jeans for years), the LN Knits Sloppy Stevie and I got to wear my new favorite jumper (The Lacy Laura Jumper) just now.

What makes you smile the most?
The silly ramblings from Andreas, my kids & Rolo (our dog) and when the kid inside me can let loose! I went for a walk with a friend last week, one of those friends I almost literally meldt together with. And at one point we came across a beautiful piece of nature, we took off our shoes to continue walking barefoot, we went totally wild, started stomping in the mud, roaring and ranting, laughing! Love it!

What makes you feel most like yourself?
When I feel like I don't have to hold back. With Andreas, the kids and the right friends. And also in nature again, I can see myself standing somewhere in a forest, jumping a bit, shouting and having the time of my life. Oh and in the studio of course! Hands in the clay, feeling, checking in, creating.

What are the three things you can't live without?
My prickly mat, a garden full of leafy green and flowers, and woolen jumpers.


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