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Our mission

At LN Knits, we create 100% fairly made clothes.

We create a high quality (knitwear) collection that is not only beautiful, but also fair and sustainable. All our knits are handmade, providing a better life for locals high up in the Andes, Peru. Using the softest natural materials, we make you look good by doing good. Just like our knitwear, linnen, silk and T-shirt collection will make you look great and feel good. We'll do the right thing for you!

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LN Muse
Eline Verbeke
Photographer and creative / Founder This is Curated
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Gaby Capsule collection
A special two-colour tuck stitch specifically
developed for this season.
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15th of December - Late Night Shopping
17 & 18th of December
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FLASH collection
Add some color to that wardrobe!
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So wonderfully soft! It all feels so soft on the skin that wearing a T-shirt underneath is unnecessary.

- Morgane.guud

So unbelievably soft, warm and modest! And the scarves are just wow, I don’t want to wear anything else any more!

- Michele Timmermans

I live in them! Nothing better! Second skin! Always look forward to winter, even in summer I can’t hold back

- Lieve Schrijvers

Feels like a warm breeze on my skin. So fair and lovely, soft and pure

- Chicadelwooly

In an instant you feel a nice natural warmth when you put on your LN Knit. You can only get this feeling from a LN Knit!

- Vanessa Waegeman

A true addiction, I am never cold during those lovely winter strolls.

- Laurence Limbourg

Stylish comfort. Suits every occasion. And comforts me on my lesser days.

- Marijke Berkmoes

The softest, most qualitative scarf. A party for your neck!

- Tara Janssens

I can feel that the pieces are made with lots of love!

- Evi Bastiaensen

Meet the women who made your knits

Dina Marquez Saccsara

52 years, mother of 8 children between 10 and 37 years old.

Ruth Cuya Vargas

18 years, mother of Gabriela (2,5) and Naoùi (8 months).

Haydee Lapa Huaman

18 years, mother of Anali (1).

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LN Muse: Eline Verbeke
LN Muse: Eva Mouton
LN Muse: Morgane Leten