A variety of balanced earthy
tones, softness and warmth

for your everyday high fashion moment

Our mission

At LN Knits, we create 100% fairly made clothes.

We create a high quality (knitwear) collection that is not only beautiful, but also fair and sustainable. All our knits are handmade, providing a better life for locals high up in the Andes, Peru. Using the softest natural materials, we make you look good by doing good. Just like our knitwear and T-shirt collection will make you look great and feel good. We'll do the right thing for you!

Mayerline x LN Knits
Women empowering women
Sober, chic and empowerment. Three terms that characterize both Mayerline and LN Knits. For the first fashion collab, the Belgian fashion house Mayerline Brussels has opted for a high-quality collaboration with a Belgian designer, who also guarantees natural, high-quality materials and sustainable design.
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