Mayerline x LN Knits

Mayerline x LN Knits

Sober, chic and empowerment. Three terms that characterize both Mayerline and LN Knits. For the first fashion collab, the Belgian fashion house Mayerline Brussels has opted for a high-quality collaboration with a Belgian designer, who also guarantees natural, high-quality materials and sustainable design. The female-driven Mayerline stands for 'women empowering women', so it is a match made in heaven since LN Knits supports other women too. All the knits are handmade, providing a better life for Peruvian women high up in the Andes. Using the softest natural materials, we make you look good by doing good. And thanks to this great collaboration we have been able to provide even more work for our knitters during these difficult times.

The 6 pieces that we designed together with Mayerline are intended for ladies with class of all ages. These are basic pieces that can be worn both dressed and casual. It is lovely to see how two Belgian fashion brands can develop a collection so harmoniously together. Our knits fits perfectly within the other fashion collections from Mayerline.

The Dancing Daisy is a long and elegant A-line skirt that fits every figure. It is Ellen’s favorite piece of the collab collection. Available in Antique White and Burnt Brick.

The Sunny Sam Cardigan is a handmade cardigan with a transition of structures on the body and sleeves. Available in Antique White and Burnt Brick.

The Fine Filippa Souspull is a thin turtleneck that can be worn both in between warmer and colder seasons as a jumper or function as a layer when the temperatures drop. Thanks to its thin and supple structure and subtle turtleneck, the Fine Filippa is perfect to wear underneath the Sunny Sam Cardigan and the slim fit will work perfectly to be tucked into a pair of tailored pants or into the Dancing Daisy Skirt. Available in Antique White and Balled Blue.

The Breezy Bella is a luxuriously handmade sweater from the purest baby alpaca wool known for its soft handfeel and lightweight properties. The design features a relaxed fit, elegant round neck and it’s recognisable by its see through structure. Available in Balled Blue and Burnt Brick.

The Breezy Betty Scarf is a lightweight scarf, perfect for about every season. The scarf has a flowy and see through structure. Wear her loose around your neck or wrap her tight, depending on the temperatures outside. Available in Antique White, Balled Blue and Burnt Brick.

The Twist Headband is a hand knit essential. It is the perfect accessory to protect your ears from the winter cold. She’s even prettier when combined with the Breezy Betty Scarf. Available in Antique White, Balled Blue and Burnt Brick.

For the campaign images, Ellen and her beautiful mom Lutgard are the faces of the collab. That is a very conscious choice too. Mayerline invariably make the choice to connect women, and that across generations. The importance of an excellent product, a great fit, superior quality and the search for timeless elegance are shared by women across generations. That is a warm and appreciative story that Mayerline is committed to. And LN Knits too. Both brands are timeless and can be worn throughout many generations. A perfect match.

Available in a selection of Mayerline stores & online from September 6, 2021.

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