LN Muse: Katrien Kegels

LN Muse: Katrien Kegels

Katrien Kegels

Founder of Chicks on Waves / mother of Morris and Louis / soulful surfer / nature lover

During Ellen's Christmas holidays she visited her oldest sister and had a chat with her about life. 

You have such an amazing company & projects, what are the main projects you’re working on right now?                                                                     Thank you so much. I am offering surf and yoga weeks for women in the Algarve since many years. Getting women together from over the world creates a wonderful energy during our retreats. Through surfing & yoga women can disconnect from their daily lives and reconnect with themselves and like minded souls . Salt water is the perfect therapy to release stress. I truly find it meditative and to many it is a mindful way to start the day. I believe we created a safe place for women where they can truly be themselves whilst being taken care off. The villa is amazing , set in a beautiful nature park with breathtaking ocean views just a shirt walk to an idyllic beach. Everyone is welcome. No age restrictions.

What’s new ? I decided to rent out our beautiful villa in the Summer months and Easter holidays per week to be able to spend more time with my family during the holidays. You can take your family, friends and create your own perfect holidays in our One Life Lodge. The villa has everything you need . It has a sauna too. Go check the weeks available.

How do you start your day?
I would love to say I start the day with a surf but being a mom of 2 young boys doesn’t let me :). So I begin my day with a coffee and good intentions. I do a short yoga practice after the boys are off to school and clean up the mess they made to then start my work day at home. Not so very interesting.

Where do you get inspired?
I get inspired by many things. This can be anything nature related. I love the colors of the sunsets with pastel skies. They are so dreamy. The ocean of course with all it’s moods, long walks on deserted beaches and I always look for beach treasures such as shells and driftwood, special rocks etc. I think I
could live on a beach :) . Also quotes, pictures, paintings, ..

What are your favorite places? 
Costa Rica in the south has a special place in my heart. It’s literally in the jungle, with hurler monkeys, 
parrots, crocodile, pelicans and sea turtles. The sounds of nature is loud with concerts of crickets and frogs . The wild life and the amazing waves there make this place my favorite piece in paradise. I hope to return soon as it has been 10 years since I last visited. In Portugal there are many places . My favorite beach is Ingrina. It is a small bay with crystal clear water perfect for diving and swimming. The restaurant has freshly caught fish and the fries are cut by hand ! As a Belgian I can really appreciate this haha. I have a whole list of nice restaurants I love : Boia in Salema,.Njam in Burgau, Camilo in Lagos, Sunray in Lagos,..

Your favourite LN piece?
That is a difficult one haha ! I literally live in LN knits. In winter I love wearing the billy jumper. I have 2 from last years collection in blush and off white :) .The adorable Annie and the smiley Sabine are also favorites I wear all the time. I am also a fan of the new linen collection and the Twinkly Tilly. 

Where do you unwind?
On the beach, in the ocean. Wind in my hair, being sun kissed, soaking up vitamin D. Reading a good book or out surfing small waves with friends.

Do you have a life motto?
Yes I do. Due to recent health issues I take life day by day and enjoy the little things more than I did before. This can be anything. I try to capture them and put them in a box and then when life is rough I can go back to those memories.

What is your biggest dream or any things you want to achieve?
To be honest I think I already have. I had this dream long ago and somehow I achieved it following my heart and intuition. I know that sounds a bit floaty but this is how it happened. Perhaps I really dream of a huge platform for women where they can connect and also discuss, learn and meet new inspiring women. I believe female energy is uplifting and I can tell because I see this happening every time women get together in our retreats.


*Katrien is wearing our swimsuit made from leftover fabric in black, produced in France. We are launching our limited edition up cycled swimwear collection on 2nd of april. Subscribe to our our newsletter to find out more very soon!


Check out Katrien's projects:

  • https://chicksonwaves.com/
  • https://www.onelifelodge.com/

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