LN Muse: Astrid Coppens

LN Muse: Astrid Coppens

Astrid Coppens Astrid Coppens

Mother of Billie-Ray / Designer / Presenter / LN Lover

Astrid Coppens

Astrid Coppens

On a sunny and windy fall day, we visited Astrid in her cozy apartment at the seaside - her second home and happy place - where we talked about her daily life, her big love: Billie-Ray and what is currently going on in her life right now.

Astrid CoppensHow’s life and what are your biggest projects right now?

My full-time job right now is being Billie-Ray’s mom. *laughs* This is my favourite job and it takes up most of my time. Besides this, I do presentations and some tv work, but I became more selective about the projects I take on. I have a big passion for fashion and I’m on my 20th season of my own Astrid Black Label collection, and together with my husband, I also have a kids label called ‘Billie-Ray by Woody’.

So very busy days here!

Astrid Coppens How do you start your day?

Billie-Ray wakes up and I try to spend as much time with her as possible. Usually, my day starts at 5:30 AM. We play together, have breakfast together and I try to get her dressed, she loves wearing dresses at the moment *laughs*. After I have dropped her off at daycare, I clean the house a little and I start replying to emails. My days change from day to day, depending on which projects I have. Sometimes I have a photoshoot, the next day I need to create some social media content, or I have recordings. I don’t have a real routine, I need a few coffees, and I’m always super busy with my daughter.

Astrid Coppens Where do you get inspired?

I try to and love to do my own thing, I don’t really look at other people for inspiration. I try to be as natural as possible, not only in the way I look, but how I do things, my work, what I post on social media. Everything I do is rather automatic. However, I do get a lot of inspiration from the real fashion magazines.

Astrid Coppens Where do you unwind?

The seaside brings me a peace I know nowhere else on earth. I’ve been through a lot and the sea always calms me down. Just hearing the sound of the waves, the wind and birds. Nothing can beat it. Billie-Ray is also a real beach girl. *laughs*`. We took her to the sea as soon as possible , she was only 2 weeks old. The seaside really is my home.

Astrid Coppens

Astrid Coppens Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I get my inspiration from the big fashion brands, I look at the colours that they combine, celebrities on the red carpet and how they are dressed by their stylists, and the trends abroad. Outside of Belgium they are more fashion-forward. All of this I try to integrate in my own clothing line. I also get inspiration from architecture, now even more so than before because we are building a home in Antwerp.

Astrid Coppens What are your favourite places? (To go on holiday, in Belgium, places to eat … ?)

Definitely Knokke. I love the seaside and it’s really my second home. The prettiest place I’ve ever been to is Maui in Hawaii. I’ve never seen something like it and now everything is a disappointment *laughs*. When I lived in America, we traveled there a lot, but now it’s a little too far away. Also, Italy has a special place in my heart. I lived in Milan for a few years when I was a model. I love the food, and the people, it’s such an elegant country. Last but not least: New York. We're going in December for our anniversary, and it will be our first trip without our daughter. New York always inspires me. When it comes to food, I love ramen noodles, it’s always good!

Astrid Coppens Your favourite LN piece?

Definitely the Sloppy Stevie. It’s such a nonchalant piece and I love to style it with accessories and cool boots.

'What I find very important about knitwear is that the knits don’t shed or the wool isn’t prickly. There are not a lot of knits that feel like this, and LN ticks all the boxes. When you buy an LN piece, it’s a forever piece. The colours are always so well curated and flattering. I’m a big fan!'

Astrid CoppensWhat is your biggest dream or any things you want to achieve?

When I’m older and Billie-Ray is working I would love to have a small house in Maui at the beach. Just the simple life in nature. For me this is the ultimate dream! 

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