Mother's Day gift ideas

(Antwerp) Mother's Day is around the corner so don't wait another moment to find the perfect gift for that special and loving woman who means the world to you! Show your appreciation and gratitude with a thoughtful gesture that will warm her heart.

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Gifts < 50 euros 

Go for a scrunchie, cap or diadem, the ideal gift for the woman who adores accessorizing! 

Gifts < 100 euros

Go for a scarf knitting box, a delightful choice for the crafty and stylish at heart, the Vintage Dye T-shirt, an unique present that's perfect for the fashion-forward or a fabric shaver, an essential tool for reviving well-loved garments.

Gifts < 150 euros

Get that breezy betty scarf in a fun summer color, a sunhat, a cosy pillowcase for chill nights outside, or a handy hand steamer.

Gifts 200 euros or more

Gift her (or yourself!) a mini maria scarf, a cosy and soft plaid or an adorable annie cardigan in a fun color, a must-have addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.

Can't decide on the perfect gift? Don't worry! Our gift cards are here to save the day and spread joy. Give the gift of choice and let your loved ones select exactly what they desire.