Meet Julie Motoi

The woman behind interior webshop Nomad Objects a haven curated with everything that catches her eye. Julie's journey is one of wanderlust, passion, and a profound love for craftsmanship, the resemblances between Nomad Objects and LN Knits are unmistakably clear. A match so great she joined the LN Knits team in November last year.

We meet Julie for lunch at her Antwerp apartment. "Ive always felt my home was an extension of me" she says, "step into my house and get a peek into who I am"

How did you start Nomad Objects?

Nomad Objects started officially end of 2019, but the seed of the idea was planted during a vacation in Morocco. I was captivated by the mesmerizing craftsmanship I encountered in the medina of Marrakesh—the savoir-faire, the beautiful vases and ceramics, the stunning carpets. I was struck by the thought that these pieces, with perhaps a different context or color, would be even more remarkable. My gut told me I had to do something with this. Since then I've extended the collaborations with amazing designers, artisans and artist around the world, but Morocco has kept a special place in my heart and has become my second home.

How has Nomad Objects changed since you started it?

The core values are still the same, but I've shifted my focus on carpets, and more specifically finding the right carpet for specific people, a personal shopper for rugs you could say. It's such a pleasure to find the perfect rug for someone, it needs to fit both their personality and space.

What values do you feel Nomad Objects and LN Knits both share?

The pieces I select for Nomad Objects are from artisans and creators who share a commitment to authenticity and ethical production, LN Knits embodies those same values. We both prioritize craftsmanship, sustainability, and a sense of community.
LN Knits' dedication to creating timeless pieces with a purpose resonates deeply with me, and drew me to the brand instantly.

What is your favoriete LN Knits piece?

That must be my Demi V Debardeur. I feel like I haven't taken it off since I got it a few months ago! It's just so soft and versatile, I love to wear it over a simple tee or a even a dressed up shirt.

What is your favourite Nomad Objects' piece?

I love jewellery that tells a story, like this
mussel necklace
It was molded after a tiny mussle my boyfriend and I found in a seafood plate during a roadtrip through Morocco. Together with jewellery designer
Viktoria Von Malottki we transformed it into a
friendship necklace.
Two halves which make one whole
to share with a person you love, wether it is a lover, sibling, parent, child or a friend.

Fresh flowers and vases make me happy! My current favourite? These greek vases by Ini Ceramique

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This is one of my go-to-salads. Easy, fast and full of flavour. Fennel, dill and pomegranate.

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My favorite spring piece? The Bohemian Vie Jumper, lightweight yet soft and warm.

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