Hello SS24

Go on a journey to Morocco with us, where vibrant hues, captivating scents, and the warmth of the sun inspired the backdrop for our SS24 collection.

This collection, born during a challenging and somber period following the loss of my dear brother Jef, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the darkness, the infusion of lively colors and captivating designs, captured against the stunning Moroccan backdrop, symbolizes hope and gratitude for life.

LN Knits will always be more than knitwear. We'll continue offering you a total look, where comfiness, soft and natural materials are produced transparently and with humanity at its core. Because softness shouldn’t just be a texture, or a look, but rather an approach to life. 

The healing touch of the ocean has played a significant role in my personal journey over the past few months. Through the lens of photography, the gentleness of the ocean and nature is palpable, creating an ethereal connection.

With the unveiling of the new SS24 collection, our aspiration is to bring a burst of color, not just to wardrobes but to lives. We hope that each piece becomes an extra touch of vibrancy for everyone who needs it, adding a splash of color to their outfit and, in turn, to their life.

You can now discover our collection exclusively in preview and we highlighted some of our favourite pieces, I hope you will like this one!

Love, Ellen

Funky Fay

The Funky Fay Jumper is part of a capsule collection that also includes a cardigan and a debardeur (sold separately). Featuring playful multicolored stripes, this knit will give you an air of having just come in from the sea. It’s texture is tantalisingly tactile, making these sweaters a cozy delight to wear on cool evenings at the beach.

Easy Ellen cardigan

Have you met our Easy Ellen Cardigan? If not, you need to. She’s a must-have piece in our new essentials collection…and your new best friend. This cardigan features a relaxed body fit with more fitted sleeves, flattering and highting your feminine shape. You want this favorite in your suitcase this summer vacation.

Whether you're layering it over a simple tee for a casual day out, or dressing it up with the Faye Skirt for a more formal occasion, the Easy Ellen Cardigan’s light and soft feel make it a versatile piece that effortlessly complements your wardrobe.

Cache Coeur Cathy

The Cache Coeur Cathy is our little hidden gem. Knit using our signature soft Vitor Yarn, this wrap sweater combines a relaxed, comfortable shape with bold finishings and a chic side knot closure for a clean, contemporary look.

Pair the Cache Coeur Cathy with our Wilma Cropped Trousers for ultimate elegance. Layer it however you like during the early season or wear it as a solo piece. This sweater offers the best of summer fashion: practical and piece-of-cake pretty.

Our linen collection

Introducing our popular linen collection again – a curated assortment of light and airy pieces designed from 100% linen to keep you feeling fresh throughout the season. Explore the Emma Shorts and Trousers, Leila Shirt, Cathy Top, and Ellen Wrap Dress within this collection.


Bohemian V-neck

The Bohemian Bea V-neck is our most unqiue knit and in it you will radiate summer warmth. The body and sleeves feature a soft tuck texture that not only adds depth, but also enhances the garment’s femininity, and yours.

The big reveal: What makes the Bohemian Bea V-Neck truly exceptional is the hand-crocheted mandala on the back. This delicate sundial pattern creates a beautiful contrast with the tuck stitch of the body and will make a stunning impression.

Demi V-Debardeur

Meet the Demi V-Debardeur: it’s lush against the skin and expertly knit with a textured tuck stitch. The Demi V’s unique pattern and plush texture make it a showstopper and a cuddly summer companion. Handmade with our customary Summer Vitor Baby alpaca yarn, it’s got the softness of silk and the gentleness of linen.

Summer Vitor is non-allergenic, making it suitable for direct contact with bare skin. The Demi V-Debardeur features a straight cut and a relaxed, comfortable fit, and is designed for effortless layering or wearing on its own.

Viscious Vivi Jumper

We’re shaking things up a bit and going unconventional because summer’s coming and why not? The Vicious Vivi’s refreshing colour combinations, unexpected pattern and visual contrast make it a captivating statement piece, not to mention its delightful softness.

The Vicious Vivi boasts a plunging V-neck and a relaxed, square fit with a drop shoulder. The slightly shaped sleeves infuse it with a modern look and feminine allure. The symmetrical body blocking is crafted with intarsia technique.