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Our Linda Smock Swimsuit

The highest quality, the best fit.

Linda Swimwear collection

Since our first collection of comfortable and quality swimwear in Spring/summer ‘22’  was such a success, we decided to take our Swimwear Collection to the next level. We’re launching 2 amazing collections this season.

The Linda collection is a small and limited-edition collection which consists of a unique designs. A swimsuit with a round and open back, but with a closure at the back to give it the support we stand for.

Both collections are designed in Antwerp, cut in a small family atelier in France, and assembled in Tunisia. Made to last.

Linda Smock Swimsuit

In honor of summer, we’d like to warmly welcome the new Linda styles to our swimwear collection.

The Linda swimsuit is a classic shaped swimsuit with a unique round opening in the back, with a closure to give it the support we stand for. 

Made from left-over fabrics and limited stock.