Spring/Summer collection

Launch Friday 11th of February

A long romantic Summer is what we crave for...

With hearts filled with pride, we would love to introduce you to our new spring/summer collection.

This summer collection is the very first time we have expanded with pieces in environmentally friendly linen and silk, as well as an upcycled swim and beachwear collection (to be launched this spring). With the high-end and sustainable fabrics and European production, we stay true to our core values of ethical fashion. 

The collection radiates pure charm and romance with an eye for femininity. Soft and pure materials that encompass our curves comfortably. 

As always, our stock is limited. We hope you enjoy discovering our new collection as much as we do and in case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time! 

Soft baby alpaca knits

The core of our company: knitwear. We designed a renewing, romantic and comfortable collection of handmade knits with our customary Summer Vitor baby alpaca yarn, in the summer version an additional percentage of silk and linen are added for extra softness. Summer Vitor is hypoallergenic and can be worn on top of your bare skin.

100% linen

We found the perfect Summer and high temperature alternative fabric to our Summer Vitor baby alpaca knits with this new and fresh collection of organic luxury linen pieces. 

We designed a small & limited capsule collection giving you the opportunity to go for a full set, or mix and match with various styles and colours.

Baby linen

For our high summer collection, we stepped outside of our comfort zone and designed a beautiful, elegant and feminine capsule collection made from a blend of baby alpaca and linen, which we call ‘baby linen’. The combination of these two materials creates a sturdy, yet flowy fabric.

Our swim- & beachwear collection will be launched mid April. Keep on eye on our webshop for the second drop.


There is no better match than silk skirts, light cotton T-shirts and soft knitwear. We love the combination of textures and therefore went searching for an ideal fabric to create an item that is both perfect in terms of maintenance as well as elegance.