Small steps, big changes!

Small steps, big changes!

At LN Knits, we strive to take responsibility at every step of the way.  Therefore we would like to inform you about our towards eco-friendly shipping from Peru and how we contribute.

Let's start with some figures and facts.

The fashion industry currently contributes up to 10% of global carbon emissions, and the Global Fashion Agenda  forecasts those emissions will increase by 50% by 2030. Globally, freight transport accounts for 7% of the total CO2 emissions and for 30% of all emissions related to transport (OECD).

The CO2 emission in 2020 related with the shipment of our knits equals to 37 406 kg CO2. Transport by plane is by far the biggest polluter, emitting around 5 times as much CO2 as truck transport and 20 times (!) as much as transport by boat. At the moment, 99% of our shipping happens by plane. Shocking, right? That’s what we thought first as well after seeing those numbers. And our second reaction? Time for action!


Together with our main supplier Solid, We will compensate these emissions through carbon offsetting.

Step 1: Solid calculates the emissions of our shipping, based on weight, distance and transport mode.

Step 2: Together with Wildlife Works, a certified climate project taking actions to reduce CO2 emissions, Solid calculate the price needed to compensate for the amount of emissions our shipping caused.

Step 3: We pay this amount for carbon credits from Wildlife Works equal to the emissions our shipping caused, making our shipping carbon neutral.

With our last contribution 5,252 ha of dryland forest can be protected from degradation and deforestation.

We will inform you by the realizations made by Wildlife Works and our impact realized on the environment in Kasigau region, Kenia through our carbon offset.

We will keep doing our very best!

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