LN Muse: Morgane Leten

LN Muse: Morgane Leten

Morgane Leten.
Loving wife of Jan / Mother of Richard/ Co-founder of Guud woman / Passionate about menstrual health

On a Belgian spring day, Morgane flew over from sunny Portugal for a big event for her business and we had a lovely chat over lunch and talked about her life in the South, her goals and inspiration.

How are you and what are you exactly doing in life?

Exciting! First of all, I’m doing great, it’s a stressful time for me with lots of travels ‘cause I live in Portugal. Right now, I’m in Belgium for a week for World Menstrual Health Day. I came to Belgium with my son so that’s a taking a little more energy *laughs*. I feel a little tired so then I know I need to take some more selfcare moments like going to bed early, taking a bath. Besides that, everything is good right now!

Our business (managed together with Jan, her husband) is Guud Woman, the place to be for women who want to improve or support their cycle.

Guud came from a personal story, I stopped taking the pill, I had to wait for months for my menstruation, I was diagnosed with PCOS, I had acne and mood swings, they told me it would be hard to get pregnant (which wasn’t *laughs*), but then I realized I don’t know anything about my body. I started reading and studying and realized that we can all use our menstruation to our advantage. 

We first started by educating women and later, the supplements also became a part of our business.

How do you start your day?

I always start my day with measuring my body temperature to track my cycle. After that, I do yoga or a stretch for a minimum of 10 minutes. If I don’t do it, I immediately feel this throughout the day. I recently started using the app calm. I don’t do it every day yet and now I try to listen to it while I do my yoga.

After that it’s the morning rush, breakfast with my son. I always have breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day (especially for women) and I take my supplements. The route to school is really beautiful (next to the coastline) and on my way home I listen to a podcast. Then I start my work day.

Where do you get inspired for work or projects?

Listening to podcasts, I recently saw the series on Netflix ‘the principles of pleasure’ or scrolling through some Instagram accounts. I get the most inspiration when I’m not in my work environment. When I’m travelling, even when I’m on the road. I also get a lot of inspiration from talking to our customers.

What are your favorite places? (To go on holiday, in Belgium, places to eat … ?)

Close to the sea. One of my happy places is in Lanzarote. I always went there as a little kid with my parents and it’s a sports hotel (Club La Santa) and it’s everything I love: sports, beach, sea and healthy food.

I have a passion, or even an obsession with organic shops. In Belgium, we aren’t quite there yet but in LA you have Erewhon, It’s heaven! *laughs*. You can find take away food, juices, coffees, … They also have a cappuccino with cold pressed coconut milk. It costs you 16$ but it’s so worth it. It’s a genius store. I can spend hours in there. We found an organic shop in Portugal and it’s my favorite. If I were rich, I’d shop there every day *laughs*.

Where do you unwind?

Lanzarote. It’s been a while since I took a vacation and I should go there again to unwind and take a break. I also unwind by going for a walk to the beach, breathing exercises, … Also when I’m on a plane, nobody can reach you, you have no wifi, then I can watch a movie without feeling guilty *laughs*.

Your favorite LN piece?

I have a few pieces. My first LN Knits purchase was a woven T-shirt. I always said to Ellen, that with my first paycheck (as an entrepreneur you don’t pay yourself a salary at first), I will buy a LN piece. I couldn’t wait, so I bought it anyway and then with my first salary I bought a knit.

In my wardrobe, I also try to have more sustainable brands. In the sales this season I bought the lilac T-shirt and swimsuit  and I love it! The best thing about LN knits is that you can wear the knits on your bare skin. It’s like the knits change with the seasons so in Portugal it’s a real must have.

Do you have a life motto?

I always say the best is yet to come but I don’t want to say this anymore. I’m a perfectionist and I always want more but I need to enjoy what’s now. Sometimes I’m too much in a rush that I can’t enjoy my wins or achievements. If I live in the moment I’m much happier.

I should change it to ‘the power of now’.

What is your biggest dream or any things you want to achieve?

My dream is to inspire as many women as possible to discover the power of their cycle. It really changed my life so I want other women to discover this too. On a personal level, I want to find a balance between my work and personal life. I really love to work and I know I work too much. And that affects my family sometimes. Guud woman is my second baby and I can’t forget my first baby (my son Richard).

Working on it!


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Ellen: "Since my pregnancies and heavy births I have been struggling with my menstrual cycle for years. Heavy bleeding resulted in amnesia, cramps, migraine attacks and general weakness. I had two uterus operations (niche & adenomyose), where the last one (Jan 22) was successful. The GUUD supplements have really helped me lower my pain levels, bleeding and general well being (both physically and mentally). I highly recommend these amazing supplements to any woman whose trying to get their menstrual health back on track.``

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