LN Muse: Liene Meneve

LN Muse: Liene Meneve

Liene Meneve
Mother of Sézane and Loewè / Make-up Artist / Illustrator / A Real LN Ambassador
On a lovely sunny autumn day, we visited Liene in her beautiful atelier and had a little chat about life, her children and her inspiration.
How do you start your day?
The start of my day depends on how busy my day is. I don’t really have a proper morning routine because my days are so versatile. When I have a slow morning, I take my time to have breakfast with the children, get ready and do my make-up. Other days, I’m get going early and I don’t even see my kids. The only thing I really need is my coffee, every day. I need it to get started and I like that little moment for myself. I don’t like to start my day stressed and I don’t like to rush in the morning. I’m also not an endless snoozer.
That half our extra in bed won’t make me feel more rested. So if there was one thing that is true for how I start my day: I start it calmly.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspired by a lot of things, on the streets, when I’m on the go, things I read. I write a lot down, sometimes I even make a voice recording, my head is always racing with ideas. I do feel that when I slow down, I get more inspired in a nice way. Like when I’m on holiday, I always come up with new ideas and projects.
Slowing down helps you get more inspired, so where do you unwind?
It may sound cliché but in nature. And when I go out to eat. You’re not on your phone all the time, you’re with the people you love. When I’m alone I think a lot, I have a very restless mind.
You always wear the most beautiful clothes, where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Everywhere. There are the cliché answers on the streets, in magazines and on Instagram, but also in art and colours. I also have a folder on my phone with outfits I wore. It gives me a source of inspiration on days when I don’t know what to wear. I love to dress up to go out for dinner, to visit friends, but I also feel very feminine in jeans and a simple top. It really depends from day to day.
My looks also depend a lot on my mood. A good outfit is not always a good combination but a look that you feel comfortable in that day. Sometimes you have a beautiful outfit one day, but you wear the same look another day and you don’t feel it at all. I can’t describe my look. If I have to say one thing it’s: light colours. Even my kids wear light colours all the time. People are always like “oh your son is wearing white, it will get dirty so fast”. I don’t mind, other clothes also need to be washed, I just wash a little more. *laughing
What are your favourite places? (To go on holiday, in Belgium, places to eat … ?)
Our lives revolve around food. My husband and I love to discover new spots to go out to eat. It also depends on the moment or even the season, so it’s hard to pick just a few places. If I have to name a few:
Mok (Leuven)
Koffie & Staal (Leuven)
Rossi (Leuven)
EssenCiel (Leuven)
Couvert Couvert (Leuven)
De Optimist (Leuven) in summer

I also have small weekly things that make me happy.
One thing we always do is visit Korst at the weekend, a bakery with the best sourdough bread. We love to shop local, buy our food at a good butcher and find good vegetables at the organic market.
What’s your favourite LN piece?
This season, it’s definitely the Dotty Daisy Jumper.
Generally, I’m a big LN fan because all the items are so versatile. You can wear the pieces for any occasion, whether you want to dress casual, or you’re wearing a fancy dress for a party. When I don’t want to think too much about my look, 90% of the time I pick an LN piece, because for me the pieces I love to wear are mostly because of the fit and quality. I’m sure if you buy LN once, it won’t be your last item. *laughs
What is your biggest dream or do you have any goals you want to achieve?
My personal goal is that I need to be more content with what I have now. I take it for granted that I can do what I love every day and I always want to do better and do more. I need to realise that I’m actually a very lucky person.
I also hope that I can work on many more projects and ideas. I have too many ideas in my head but too little time. Career wise, I want to have more time again to paint. I dream of having an exhibition with my work. I want to become famous one day because of what I do, not because of who I am.
I love to leave people a good feeling, and to work with a very personal approach, whether it’s doing make-up to give someone more confidence, or making a personal artwork or painting, … I hope this will be the
place where I can continue to pursue this further.
Everyone is more than welcome to visit my happy

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