LN Muse: Julie De Laet

LN Muse: Julie De Laet

Julie De Laet

Holistisch female leader coach / podcast The Connectique / yoga and meditation / Loving mom of Emilia & Chloé 

How are you and what are the main projects you’re working on right now? 

I’m actually doing really, really well at the moment! Everything is going great and I just launched my new website. I’m working on a lot of new projects. Next week, I have two-day retreats that I’m co-hosting. Next year there will be a new coaching program: The Connectique Journey (doors are now open with an early bird discount and a special discount code for LN fans) so it’s all very exciting and I’m looking forward to it! 

I’m a holistic coach for ambitious and successful women. The Connectique refers to two things: the connection between your head, heart and intuition and a metaphoric boutique resort. It’s a place inside yourself where you can stand still, reflect and find clarity. From there on you can reestablish a connection with your true self.

I really believe everything you need to know to make important decisions (should I take the promotion, should I take the jump? , …) is already inside of you, YOU KNOW! *laughs. We often lose this connection because we’re so busy. We’re like walking heads.  With The Connectique I invite you to take the time to reconnect and find out the answer to what we’re struggling with within yourself.. I help women with tools like reflection, journaling, breathwork; meditation, visualizations, lessons in mindset, … It’s 50% pragmatic, 50% holistic.

How do you start your day? 

I’m a morning person, so I love to go to bed early. I wake up around 6 and then I stay in bed a little longer to  meditate or do some gentle stretches. On the weekend, I go to my practice room to do yoga on my mat, but on weekdays this is the perfect start because I don’t want to wake anyone.

After this it’s kids time. When they are at school, I take another moment for myself to start my day and go outside in my bare feet to catch the dew. After that, I do some journaling. What does my  ideal day look like, what do I need to do to achieve this, how do I feel, and so on. 

Where do you get inspired? 

I get a lot of inspiration from books and podcasts. I love to learn new things and when I’m interested in something I tend to buy tons of books about it and really binge *laughs 

Slowing down also brings me inspiration. But at times I need a more vibrant environment like a city, a museum, or a beautiful boutique to bring me into a creative space. It really depends on my mood if I need the calm or excitement. 

What are your favourite places? (To go on holiday, in Belgium, places to eat … ?)

I love the Mandali retreat center in the Italian mountains. It’s a yoga retreat center and it’s so beautiful! I try to travel alone once a year and this is the perfect place. I also need the aesthetic part *laughs 

But I love the Kalmthoutse Heide just as much.  

Some places I love to go to in Antwerp are Pilar, Cordobar, or the Domestique in the morning. I like to find a spot on the terrace and have a coffee and an almond croissant and people watch. 

I also love London and especially Richmond. It’s such a nice neighborhood, so cozy and typical English. I studied in London so I’m a bit nostalgic for it. 

Where do you unwind?

A very boring answer, but at home! I love to be at home, we have a very nice house and I love to read a book on the weekend in front of the fireplace. Also books, walks and meditation bring me peace of mind. But a good glass of wine and a laugh with a dear friend also always does the trick.

Your favourite LN piece? 

The Sloppy Stevie! I live in this knit. Especially over the past few weeks when I was working on the new website just wanted to wear something cozy but also dressed up. All you need is a good pair of jeans and this sweater and you’re good to go! And it keeps me very warm! 

I also have headbands from a long time ago and a while back Emilia (one of my daughters) tried one on and wanted to wear it. It’s happening, she’s starting to claim items from my closet *laughs. 

Do you have a life motto?  

People look for answers outside themselves, but actually everything you need to know is inside of you! You already know everything but need to make the time and space to get the clarity you need. 

In my coaching, I also do systemic exercises, I see how a person feels, how they hold their body, how they move… My task as a coach is to observe, see what’s happening and help them with their path . It’s very interesting!

What is your biggest dream or any things you want to achieve? 

On a personal level I’m very happy, I want things to stay the same actually. 

Professionally I want to reach as many women as possible. I dream about writing a book and I really want to make an impact. I want to  inspire as many women as possible to take that quiet moment to connect with themselves and find clarity.

Especially for LN knits fans there is a discount code which gives 66 euros off the Connectique online Journey on top of the early bird.  Code : LNKNITS , valid till Dec 30th. 

Ellen: 'I recently followed the Connectique course, with a combination of group- and one-on-one sessions. I helped me so much to find my inner peace and to find a better balance between my demanding job and (very) demanding girls (*laughs). I learned new techniques to (re) find my cool and to overal become a more relaxed and self secure woman. I feel like I have changed a lot as an ambitious entrepreneur, as a loving mother and wife, as a better friend. And along the way I met some amazing women too, who were struggling with the same issues. It's so nice to know and feel that you are not alone. We're all in this together. A true investment in yourself and others! 

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