LN Muse: Jennifer Cnops

LN Muse: Jennifer Cnops

Jennifer Cnops

Founder of RESET / Pre- and postnatal trainer / Dietician / Yogi / Writer / Mommy of El, Nim* and Nala

How are you and what are you doing in life?

I’m doing well, very happy but very tired. Nala is 8 months old now so the nights are very tough combined with having my own business.

On the business side, I just launched a new app, an online gym with strengthening exercises, cardio, Pilates, yoga, short work-outs specifically for mums. Also, the app has a meal guide that I need to create new recipes for. The aim is to maintain an achievable healthy lifestyle, even with a baby.

I have also written 3 books: the first is a combination of healthy eating and the science behind it, my 2nd book was about staying healthy and exercising during pregnancy. The intention of my 3rd book was to make that postpartum of my baby son but we unfortunately lost him at the end of the pregnancy. I wanted to cancel the book publication but then finally went ahead with it. My third book is mainly focused on healthy living for mums and all proceeds go to the “Berrefonds”, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents who have lost their babies.

How do you start your day?

For the past 8 months, everything has been different *laughs. We usually start the morning in front of TV, so the kids can wake up gently. I hate the morning rush. They drink their milk, we drink coffee and then I make smoothies for everyone. Then it’s time for school and I start working here at home. If the kids are home and a babysitter comes, I really like to go out for coffee and get some and have some work done in a coffee shop.

My days mainly consist of creating content for my app and collaborations, writing new recipes, recording workouts, sometimes I do my bookkeeping, boring! *laughs I love the variety.

Where do you get inspired?

I like to buy cookbooks and cook from them, but I never follow the recipe. I always add my own spin, extra ingredients or modify the recipe. I  also find a lot of inspiration on Instagram, and while listening to podcasts about science and healthy eating.

Also, when I have time to think during a long walk or while running, new ideas often come.

What’s one city you’ve always dreamed of traveling to?

If I were to choose with my kids in mind, I’d love to go back to Bali to let them experience it. On the personal front, I have always travelled far away in the past so you can always tempt me with a trip to Japan, Peru, South Africa, ... anything sounds good! *laughs

Where do you unwind?

After 8pm, the kids are in bed and I am free, then I always do some kind of exercise. If I have a lot of energy I do a harder work-out, but otherwise, yoga. I am also doing my teacher training now. Yoga gives me a lot of peace. Even if’s only 10 minutes, just finding a calm moment in the day.

A special place for me is Ibiza, my parents have a house there. After losing our son, we spent almost 2 months there. That provided the space to be able to grieve and rediscover the beauty of life. It was during the 2nd lockdown so no one was there either. For me, Ibiza is our place to reconnect as a family and make time for each other.

When/where do you wear your LN piece?

All day, every day! Almost all my jumpers are from LN Knits and I don’t buy that many clothes for myself. I decided a while ago to stop buying fast fashion so 90% of my jumpers are LN. I always wear them as everyday wear because they are so nice and comfortable.

Do you have a life motto?

Not really a life motto, but what I learned the hard way is that happiness in life is not the big moments like getting married, buying a house. It’s the little things like a hug, having a nice coffee somewhere, a moment with your kids on the sofa. Happiness is in all these small moments that make up life.

What do you want to do in 10 years?

Besides being there for my children, I hope to continue to grow my business and help, support and inspire more young women in the early stages of motherhood.

I also hope my children are healthy and happy, because after the loss of my son, it’s more than ever clear that this is the most important thing in our lives.

Within 10 years, I would like to be the reference in Belgium for pre- and postnatal sports.

 5 quick questions:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Enthusiastic, cheerful & kind

What item of clothing should everyone have?
Yoga pants!

What makes you smile the most?
Seeing my two daughters interact and play.

What makes you feel most like yourself?
When I’m working. What I do is my passion, and I’m at my best when I’m passionate.

What are the three things you can’t live without?
Coffee, my Kindle and candles.

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