LN Muse: Eva Daeleman

LN Muse: Eva Daeleman

Eva DaelemanEva Daeleman

Female energy / Mother of Moon / Coach / Writer of several books / elkedagvakantie.be

On a very rainy and cold day, we drove all the way to the seaside, close to the French border, to visit Eva in her beautiful home where she lives with Stijn, her husband, Moon, her daughter and Olav the dog.

Eva DaelemanEva DaelemanYou’re busy with so many things, what are the main projects you’re working on right now?

I just finished writing my new book, so I’m very busy right now with the promotion of it. For me, it’s also finishing a chapter, so I’m already thinking about what’s next. Soon we will drive to somewhere sunny and warm with our camper, and I’m working on a new online training course. Exciting! I also have a new pitch for a new book! However, the main thing in my life is work-life balance. I’m a very enthusiastic person, so I’m often way too busy. Taking on project after project and keeping that life-work balance in mind is important to me. Otherwise, my projects get more stressful and I will enjoy it less.

We also have a podcast where we (my husband and I) talk about mental awareness, how to take care of yourself, how to know what you want in life, relationships, … Every aspect of life.

The variety in my work is really important to me, it keeps me fresh and inspired.

Eva DaelemanEva DaelemanHow do you start your day?

My day always starts with our daughter with cuddles in bed. Afterwards, it’s time for meditation, always. It’s my little moment in the morning. Then we have breakfast together and I go for a walk with Olav, our dog. Then my day starts, which is different every day. Lately, I also like being up early, while I never used to be much of a morning person. 

Eva DaelemanEva DaelemanWhere do you get inspired?

I need space to get inspired. Space to go where I want, discover new flavours, meet new people. During the lockdown I found it very hard to write because we didn’t see anyone and I had no motivation.

I also get my inspiration from more common places, such as: Pinterest, Instagram, I love reading, podcasts, music, but mainly I get inspired outside. Being in a different city, another language. I get inspired by feeling the potential of life.

It can be walking through the dunes, a new flavour of yoghurt, a bread I never had. Feeling things, tasting new things, discovering new things.

Eva DaelemanWhat are your favourite places? (To go on holiday, in Belgium, places to eat … ?)

First of all, the place where I organise my retreats, in Alicante. It’s the perfect place on a mountain, away from everything, a beautiful pool, the best food, really connected with nature. We always call it the endless spring. I also like being in the snow. But I need space, always. Rotterdam is my favourite city because it’s so spacious. You also have really good vegan food over there.

I like places where I feel safe, where the food is good, where there is water around and where I don’t have to wear too many layers. 

Eva DaelemanYour favourite LN piece?

The Adorable Annie (without sleeves), it’s probably an older piece but I keep wearing it. I also love the scarves! When I got married, I also got a light knit from LN. The pieces are so timeless, and they stay pretty, I can’t imagine my wardrobe without these pieces. I have to be careful that I don’t wear them all the time *laughs. 

Eva DaelemanWhere do you unwind?

Where I feel at home, close to my family. Also in the camper, because I have my home with me. Close to nature, where it’s quiet.

Eva DaelemanDo you have a life motto? 

If you change your mind, you change your life. If you believe that it can happen, it will happen. People often make us scared to seek change but it’s not necessary. Things can come easily and it doesn’t always have to be difficult.

Eva DaelemanWhat is your biggest dream or is there anything in particular you want to achieve?

I think it will be inevitable for us to live abroad. The plan with the camper was 50/50, 6 months on the road and 6 months at home but I think that can change soon. We don’t have a place yet, we’re still figuring that out. We would love a house next to the sea, where it’s warm and they speak another language.

Eva DaelemanBesides this, I would like to write some more books and grow in my work.

And learn to speak Swedish fluently! *laughs* It’s such a cool language, so that’s something I would love to do.

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  • Karolien

    Very warm and open conversation. It’s like I feel the energy of eva and the warmth of the ln knits 💙

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