LN Muse: Eline Verbeke

LN Muse: Eline Verbeke

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Eline Verbeke

Photographer and Creative / Founder of This is Curated / lover of good food and organic wine / always looking for the beauty in things.

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On an autumn weekend I drove to Northern France, camera gear packed and my favourite LN pieces from this season to shoot some photos. After that, I had a chat with my boyfriend (who also took these beautiful pictures) about work, life and dreams. 

How are you and what are you exactly doing in life?

I’m actually doing pretty good right now and feeling very grateful. I love the life we’re currently living. I love my work, I can travel a lot and we’re living life to the fullest.

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Right now I’m working as a freelance photographer and creative, so I create content for brands that are close to my heart. Next to this I have a platform called This is Curated about travelling where I list my favourite spots to drink, eat and visit all over the world.

How do you start your day?  

I snooze my alarm about 50 times and then get up. Then it depends on what sort of a day I have ahead of me. If I work at home I start my day with a run or workout, I have some coffee and take it slow. When I need to be on set or work at a client’s office it’s more of a morning rush. I want to say that I’m a morning person ‘cause I love early mornings when everything is still quiet and calm but I also love my bed. *laughs

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Where do you find inspiration for work or projects?

The cliché things I guess: Instagram, art, colour combinations I see in the streets, books, architecture. I also get very inspired when I travel, discovering new places and eating good food. My head is never turned off, I’m always looking for the beauty in things and my camera is glued to my hand. *laughs

What are your favourite places? (To go on holiday, in Belgium, places to eat … ?)

You want the complete list*? *laughs. Our lives revolve around food and wine. We love to discover new spots and cities and go out to eat. It’s really hard to pick a few places. These are some of my favourite restaurants in Belgium:

  • Magma (Mechelen)
  • Album (Antwerp)
  • Mico and Jon (Antwerp)
  • Maru (Brussels)

    I also love to visit Italy in summer and Copenhagen is my absolute all-time favourite city in the world. I love the vibe, the style of the people over there, and the food. Always the food.

    *If you want the full list, follow @thisiscurated_

    Where do you go to unwind?

    Close to the sea and in nature. We love to go hiking, spend a weekend in France or Zeeland or rent a van to drive around and stop in the middle of nowhere. We make a fire, grill some vegetables and I’m the happiest person alive. I have a very restless mind and here I can sort of calm down *laughs

    I also love to go out to eat and drink and spend time with the people I love, taking a moment to talk and connect again.

    Your favorite LN piece?


    I’m a really big fan of the Rosa beanie! It’s the perfect fit and I probably need it in every colour. I also love my Dotty from last season. I love how soft it feels on your skin (I hate itchy knits!) and you can wear it for every occasion. When I don’t know what to wear there’s a 90% chance I’ll pick an LN piece to finish my look.


    Do you have a life motto? 

    I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Didn’t get the job? Something better will come. It didn't work out with the person you thought was the love of your life? Then it wasn’t the love of your life *laughs. These thoughts have made me a lot calmer over the years. What is meant for you will always find its way to you.

    What’s your biggest dream or is there anything you want to achieve?

    Personal: find a good work-life balance. I’m a bit of a workaholic because I actually really love working and creating things. But I have to make sure that I also make (more) time for myself, my social life and family.




    I’m also dreaming of moving to Copenhagen. Maybe not forever, but I would like to experience what it feels like to live in another country for a while.

    Work wise, I want to keep doing what I do right now, still work for the best clients ever and maybe shoot some more creative fashion projects. We’ll see what the future brings! 

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